We at Chilli Jacks Meir aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Stoke On Trent. Give us feedback.

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Would recommend to any one v good

David, 17 Apr 2021

Never had a bad meal. Great service! The team at CJ Meir are brilliant and they're always helpful and polite.

Richard, 16 Apr 2021

Use chilli jacks most weeks x

Rachel, 15 Apr 2021

Kevin, 14 Apr 2021

One of the most popular take-aways around, with good reason, the food is dependably delicious.

Andrew, 13 Apr 2021

Great service

Emma, 12 Apr 2021

Have you ever considered doing loyalty promos? Something like the big fast food chains do. Every order gives X points to your account and various menu items cost XX points or cash equivalent. Would be a good way of keeping people coming back.

N Green, 10 Apr 2021

Nigel, 09 Apr 2021

Always nice food

Dave, 08 Apr 2021

Lovely food

Kaitlyn, 03 Apr 2021

Please call me instead of knocking when here

Poppy, 02 Apr 2021


Nigel, 02 Apr 2021


Nigel, 02 Apr 2021

Great service, been ordering for years and will co to use to do so.

Adam, 01 Apr 2021

One if our favorite takeaways

Donna, 31 Mar 2021

Lovely as usual

Nigel, 31 Mar 2021

Quick service good food

Alison, 20 Mar 2021

Always perfect

Nigel, 19 Mar 2021


Jason, 18 Mar 2021

Pleasant drivers quickness varies

Jason, 18 Mar 2021

Never had a bad meal in the last 5 years or so.

Nigel, 16 Mar 2021

Hello just a quick question and probably a new tradition for a new milkshake milky bar milkshake could you add that to the list if possible please email or call me when you received this request

James, 16 Mar 2021

Always good

Alison, 14 Mar 2021

Always had a great meal and great customer service

Abigail, 14 Mar 2021

Lovely curries from here

Cieran, 10 Mar 2021

Great service

Jo, 07 Mar 2021